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Who we are

Welcome to Oumolat, the first high-security printing company in the Middle East with an excellent location to reach markets globally. Established in 2016, we specialize in printing banknotes for the UAE and beyond, setting the benchmark for security and quality in currency production.

Oumolat today is a 100% subsidiary of the Central Bank of UAE and has the strategy to grow with emerging government and business relationships. Committed to excellence, Oumolat collaborates with multiple suppliers to ensure an independent service solution that meets the diverse expectations and requirements of our customers, both technically and economically. Oumolat, as a banknote printer, has a highly flexible production and prints on all substrates.

Oumolat is currently diversifying its portfolio to other high-security products and services like tax stamps with its JV O&S Security Solutions, and it is open to further partnership and expansion in UAE and on a global scale.

Banknote printing

Whether reprinting banknotes or introducing new series or denominations, Oumolat supports you. Oumolat supported CBUAE in the new series of banknotes on Polymer substrate and has experience printing banknotes from several countries on three continents.

Independent Advice

Oumolat is independent of suppliers of substrate, ink and thread. Oumolat uses printing equipment from different suppliers and works together with different design companies. As an independent producer, Oumolat will advise you on selecting security features or setting up printing plants.

Long Term Agreement

Oumolat is committed to establishing a long-term relationship with Central Banks to supply banknotes regularly on demand and engage in projects like a new series or introduction of a new denomination.

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Our accreditation


At Oumolat Security Printing LLC, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets clear standards for behavior and integrity, guiding both our employees and representatives in upholding our principles.

ISO 14298:2021

Oumolat is certified under ISO 14298:2013, the global standard for managing security printing processes. This certification plays a crucial role in combating fraud and maintaining the integrity of secure documents globally

Anti-Trust Policy

Complying with Anti-Trust laws throughout the world generates customer trust in Oumolat, and at the same time, protects Oumolat’s reputation globally.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Oumolat takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships.

ISO 9001:2015

At Oumolat, quality is our priority. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights our dedication to implementing rigorous quality management systems. This ensures our products and services consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.


Oumolat, currently engaged in banknote printing for Central Banks abroad and in the UAE, advises Central Banks and partners with SICPA to produce tax stamps and provide track-and-trace technology. Further technology partnerships are explored to diversify the portfolio of products and services.


Banknote printing

We produce banknotes focusing on quality, accuracy, and fast deliveries from a central location. We have partnership agreements with all suppliers required to reprint banknotes in circulation


New series and changes to current banknotes

We can give advice to make changes to the current banknotes like security upgrades or changes to an entirely new series.


Tax stamp technology

Our Joint Venture with SICPA Group will supply Tax stamp and track and trace solutions to UAE and other markets from UAE. This technology partnership was established in 2023, with start of production in 2024


Further products and solution partnerships

We are seeking technology partners who are interested in using UAE as their base and provide technology solutions regarding payment, identification and security printing.

How can we help you?

We are here to answer your questions about this service. Simply get in touch with our world-class design team today!

Oumolat Security Printing L.L.C.
Khalifa Industrial Zone, P O Box 146185, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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